Agriturismo Oasi Santa Luce

Santa Luce Oasis, near Farm Holidays Il Gelso

The Oasis of Santa Luce, with over 150 recorded species, is an important staging area for migratory birds and every season has its protagonists.

In winter the lake is populated by multicolored ducks which Moriglioni, Teal, Mallard, Wigeon, while the Cormorants give show being placed on the branches of trees with wings spread to dry in the sun.

In summer the reeds are populated by small birds inconspicuous as the Cetti’s, the Marsh and the Warbler, while the typical nests “a fiasco” of the Pendolino sway the tamarisk and the Bee colored colorful settles in the upper part of the lake.

In the morning, you can easily meet the kestrels and buzzards on patrol on the fields, or the silhouette of the marsh harrier flying over the reeds.

In the night, however, come into action the barn owl, the owl and other owls. But the most spectacular season is the spring: the blooming hills are the backdrop to the nuptial parades of the Great Crested Grebe, became the symbol of the oasis.

Even migratory birds appear on the lake and along its shores, especially herons as the night heron, the little egret, the bittern and the purple heron.

In an ecosystem like that of the lake there is a huge wealth of life and biological diversity like the elegant dragonflies, butterflies and other vanesse the colorful and large sphinxes at night as well as reptiles and amphibians are presences costanti.

Oasis is opened to public from September to June.